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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To Build a Banjo

Part One
For a long time I've liked the folk singers in the "Andy Griffith Show" in the show they where called the Darlings, a family of hillbilly's that came into town every once in a while. The four in the truck are a real band named the Dillard's

And i thought hey why can't i learn to play like that, but when i looked up banjo's on the WEB,
the price's range from $150 to as much as you want to spend an right now i don't have
that kind of money to buy one so I'm going to try to build one. So i have been looking up the different parts of a Banjo so when i start to build it ill kind of know what I'm doing ha ha ha. Ive draw up some blue prints to get an idea of how i want it to look. Well that a enough for now, I'm starting to lose my train of thought. Here are some vids of the darlings.

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