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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well folks, Here is my first GUEST POST

Trucks, The Friendly Delivery Man and Our Protectors

I had a thought on the way home from the store (Christmas shopping aahhh!), today. The store was out of what I needed and I was told a truck would be in today. Then on the way home I saw an 18 wheeler, and that is what started this thought process.

Truckers and Package Delivery People: Truckers, they have a huge job to keep our stores stocked during the Christmas season and all year ‘round. Today we all take advantage of internet shopping, as a convenient way to get our Christmas shopping done, even last minute. And to get all our stuff there by Christmas the Mail, UPS and Fed-ex people are working extra long hours.

All we think about is getting what we want when we want it, and the store should have it, right. And we just expect our packages to show up on time; We never give a thought to the people who make it possible; People who give up a lot of time with family, spend a lot of time on the road, so that we can have well stocked stores and get our presents delivered ( especially during this time of year).

Our Trash pick-up Men: When I see them out there on a cold day, I think man, what a job they do for us.

So when you see their trucks on the road, think about how much they do.

Our Protectors: Our Police, Fire/EMT and last but certainly not least our TROOPS.

A lot of these people have to work even on Christmas! And our Troops over sea’s all have to be gone for Christmas, and they are there for us! So we can celebrate freely here at home in America. So remember them in your prayers and their family here at home missing them terribly this Christmas.

Also the Fort Hood families spending the first Christmas without loved ones.

Just a thought to remember all these folks…

The chorus to one of my favorite Christmas songs-

Come on Ring those bells, light the Christmas tree
Jesus is the King born for you and me.

Come on ring those bells, everybody sing
Jesus we remember this your birthday

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ad’s Sister, Marci


Katie said...

Thanks for letting me know about the radio station. We don't have a good Christian station around here, so I'm planning on listening when it starts. : )


Bethany said...

Excellent thoughts! Our servicemen and women are so important!


Joshua Hoppman said...

Thatis so true! Everyone serving in Iraq or even the "Trash pick-up Men" are important and need our prayers. Great post!

Southern Maiden said...

Yeah totally - those guys that do the "dirty work"... they remind me of "foot-washers", like Jesus did in the Bible. Really humble, and humbling to think on! And yes, praise God for all the service men to our communities, counties, towns and country!

Amelia said...

I always pray for the trashmen when I see them...Also believe it or not, I have been thinking of our ups men, especially after talking to your dad and knowing what they are going through this time of year. It must be very, very wearing for the entire family. Great post. ~Mrs. Amelia

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