"The purity that God asks in your and my life, is not a purity the see's how close you can get to some imaginary line, it is a purity that has you running as fast as you can in the opposite direction." Joshua Harris



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Award time

The Rules
If you choose to accept the award you must:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog

2) Copy the award and paste it to your blog

3) Tell us seven interesting facts about you {optional}

4) Pass the award to 15 awesome bloggers {optional}less not more.

5) Contact your nominations and let them know they've won.

Seven interesting facts about me.

#1 I don't sleep in a bed. I sleep in or on my sleeping bag By choice.

#2 I was born at home.

#3 I'm 1/64 Cherokee

#4 I ride a funny looking bike.

#5 I wear ariat cowboy boots most everywhere I go.

#6 My favorite color is CAMO that is if it was a color.
                                     #7 When I get my Chevy Truck Lord willin' I'll paint it Camo.

The Nominees 

                                                                       Visual Addiction


Amelia said...

Well thank you Adam! I appreciate that very much, I'll be sure to link to your site and share in the thoughtfulness.

I enjoyed reading about you! : )

Blessings to you Adam! You take care now Adam, always be you, stay kind and thoughtful.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for the award, Adam! I really appreciate that! :) I enjoyed reading the seven random things as well.


Hannah M said...

I tell ya what!... you go do all the searchin' for a nice Chevy Silverado, it has to be a Silverado, and I'll get one with ya. Just wait like 5 years for me to save up enough $!!!
Enjoyed your blog ;D

poetic_capture said...

Thank you so much Adam! That's so nice. :0)

That's funny that you sleep in a sleeping bag!

Good luck with that camo truck. :D That would be really unique.

Bethany said...

Hey, I awarded you again. :D

Bethany said...

I awarded you the Pure in Heart Award. Sorry if it looks kinda girly, but I don't think just girls are pure in heart. :) I felt you were a worthy candidate and thus the tag.

Allison said...

Hi! My name is Allion. I just found your blog and wanted to say how encredibly much I appreciate you heart for God, being a man(a real man) and the desire to protect women in all sorts of ways. Keep it up. This was such an encouragement to me. Guys like you are hard to come by.

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