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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I got taged.

Ive been tagged by Miss Allison at Waiting for Rain Thank You.

What is your favorite brand of Shoe/Boot? 
I can't think of brand but I can think of a style, 
Hiking boots or Combat style boots and a 
all time fav is COWBOY Boots. 
But alas I can't wear cowboy boots any
more since I broke my ankle. 

What is your favorite car company?

What is your favorite meat to eat?  
Beef it's whats for dinner.

What is your favorite way to eat meat? (burger, ribs, steak, meatloaf, etc. ) 

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
I don't watch TV much at all but when we did have
a TV I liked NASCAR.

What is your favorite sport to play with friends?
Football not that im good at it or anything but I like getting tackled and tackling. 

What is your favorite working activity outside?
Any work outside I enjoy.

What is your favorite working activity inside?
I can't think of any.

If you have a license, do you like driving?
Yes I like driving, most of all 
driving with 
my sister down some
country road listening to old 
country music 
singing along with the songs.

What is your favorite "war" movie?

The Long Gray Line (1955)


or maybe

Taking Chance

not so much a war movie but a drama.

What is your favorite series of movies? 
The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Most recent movie you watched?   
Courageous it was better than I thought it could be.
And I had been waiting to see it for two years and
I was  definitely worth the wait.

What is your favorite junk food?

What do you mostly do throughout your day?
Nowadays school.

Have you ever wished you were public schooled?

Have you ever been terrified for your life?
Yes, when me and some friends caught a 6' gator.

Is this a boring blogger tag?

Do you own a gun?
Nope but when I get the money I will 
that is if you define a "GUN"as one
that takes bullets with gunpower. If not 
Ive got a few homemade things that 
would kill if aimed just right.

Have you ever had a job?
Yes, I worked in a warehouse for a year 
then worked mowing lawns for 
a small company for a few months. 
Then I worked on a construction site doing plumbing
for almost a year, I got layed off .

What is the maximum of money you have owned at one time period?
10,000 Dollars it was in the bank but when I broke my ankle It went by by for
doctor bills.

What is your favorite website?
I can't think any one. 
How many hours do you hang out on Facebook/Twitter/Google +?
Way to much. :(

Oh who ever wants to be. limit only 4. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Are doctor bills in the States really that expensive?! :(

Adam said...

They can be cheaper that is when you have insurance and back then I did not.

Alli said...

Thanks for doing the tag! It was interesting to read.
Wow, that's terrible to have $10,000 and have it go because of doctor bills!!! :(

You can't wear cowboy boots because of your ankle?? That's a bummer! :P

God bless!

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