"The purity that God asks in your and my life, is not a purity the see's how close you can get to some imaginary line, it is a purity that has you running as fast as you can in the opposite direction." Joshua Harris



Friday, September 11, 2009

To Build a Banjo

Yesterday I was looking for somebody who had a band saw.
I talked to this elderly gentlemen that, I talk to most everyday.
but I forgot his name again so ill call him Ed. Ed said that he had
one but that he had not use it in a long time and was not sure
if it would work and while we where stand there in front of his
house he called out to a his neighbor Todd, Ed said "Hey Todd
Adam's making a banjo" and he came over an i found out
that he has a cabinet shop Todd said that he could cut out the
piece's for my banjo.
This weekend I was talking to Todd an found out that he builds
guitars for a hobby, sooo when i get some extra $$$$ i can start
building a banjo.......... (O)----++ :)
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