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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black and Blue

Such pretty colors but not when there on your ankle.
Well Folks I will not leave 
you in suspense any longer.

Last Monday at about 12:30 am I went to clean
the church like every other Monday. I had jury duty the next day
and the day after i was going to Massachusetts to visit family so I was working faster than 
I usually do I was arranging the chairs so they where straight and I tripped over the last
one and as I fell I saw  my ankle twist in a very unnormal manner.
There I was lying on my side with this pain that made me scream and cry at the same time. So I
know I needed help but no phone on me or in the church then I remembered the first aid kit in the kitchen
so I dragged my self across the gym floor into the kitchen found the first aid kit but nothing that could really help me find out if it was broken of just sprained so i made my way to the back door to see if maybe I could drive or maybe use the horn to signal. On the way out the backdoor I found one crutch.
I was standing in the doorway think to my self and asking the Lord for help on my next move when the Lord brought to mind that there was a church next door that had football practice on Monday.

So it was 2:00pm by now I was thinking to my self If i was suppose to keep my shoe on or off...
Future note to anyone who sprains there ankle DON"T TAKE YOUR SHOE OFF so
you guested  it I toke my shoe off bad idea as I toke my shoe off  my foot got bigger.
And pain Oh Boy!!was there ever anyway to make a long story short.
They came out to practice I called one of the trainers over he let me use his cell I called home he told me what was wrong he said a upper ankle sprain and here i am four days latter with a very colorful foot telling you this true story about my foot.
Prayers are welcome.
My foot is getting better the swelling has gone down a lot I still can't walk.

I ask that you would pray that the Lord gives me Patience and that He would help me not to worry. :)

"Lord I know you have a purpose in all this 
you don't want me to wonder why JUST TO TRUST YOU."

Signed a Brother in the Lord Adam
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