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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God’s Creation

By Adam

This year is just flying by, but it also seems to creep along too. Well anyway I have been noticing in more detail the wonders of Gods Awesome Creation. Like the clouds, and how every sunrise and sunset that no one is the same. I’ll go ride out on my bike and lie in the grass, look up at the sky and all the colors the blue, white, red, pink, purple, gray, orange, yellow and there are hundreds of different shades of each color.

I like to go fishing and I know a lot of different types of fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals that live in the Bayou’s where I fish, but there are hundreds of different types of fresh water fish. Let’s say you go to one of my favorite fishing holes, I know where the fish like to hide, where the shallow parts are and where it’s deep, Buts that’s just

Fishin’ . When you look closer, like on the bank of the water you see green slim (algae they call it), plants flouting in the water, a spider is on the plant and a snake sliding over the water as if it was on ice, but when he sees you he disappears below the surface. A fish jumps out of the water and slaps his tail on the water as if to say ha ha you can’t catch me, a dragon fly lands on a rock, a turtle pop up and sees you and disappears, a small fish jumps out of the water and lands on a lily pad, after a few seconds he flips back into the water and is gone. A great blue heron lands on a rock and his head goes down like lightning and comes up with a crawfish, then fly’s away. A grasshopper jumps and misses his target and lands in the water and Wham!! A large mouth bass swims up under the grasshopper and swallows him as he fly’s up out of the water then lands back in with a splash.

Let’s get a fish’s eye view so to say; you see a muddy floor, you look at your world as if looking through aqua colored glasses. Some perch dart back into the rocks, under the lily pads the roots hang down, dragon fly larva cling to their roots. Crawfish patrol looking for food while keeping an eye out for large fish, for they would make lunch of him. A mussel works his way into the mud to hide as a flat head catfish heads his way; A crawfish drops in from the bank and swims toward the catfish as if he does not see him headed his way, the catfish starts to swim faster zeroing in on the crawfish, faster and faster the fish swims Wham!! Lunch!! Then all of the sudden, the catfish is jerked back, the fish fights, but to no avail he is pulled out of the water by me with a Abu Garcia Revo S. Ok back to the point, I got carried away there. You can see some of the complexity on all the things God has made in this little story. And I think to my self how can someone think this world was made by some Big Bang when I look around and think there has to be a maker everything point’s to it.

I wrote this post last year…

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