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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Need a laugh and whats up

Little House on the prairie bloopers

I'm still here Ive not had anything to write about.
well let me think the past couple of week me an my sis
have been going to Citizens' Police Academy
for the Sheriffs office here that has been
a lot of fun Ive learned so much, In the class me 
and my sis are the youngest in the class of 40 people.
Most of the folks there are in there 40s to 60s.
So ya we stand out. This week we get to use
FATS Fire Arms Training System.
Here is a vid that will explain more this is not
my class.

 Ive been taking a lot of picture check them out at My Fathers World.
I'm working on a post for here, but thats still in the makin.
It will be called "Ole Glory and the Cross"

I got to see COURAGEOUS the movie 2 time It is a awesome movie,
I would say that I love the movie but I'm on a crusade not to use the word
Love for incorrect use. so anyway. the movie
was awesome but the previews where TRASH I brought a book to read while that
was going on, not that I could really see to read but it gave me something to look other than 
the floor. If you've not seen it yet go see it.

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