"The purity that God asks in your and my life, is not a purity the see's how close you can get to some imaginary line, it is a purity that has you running as fast as you can in the opposite direction." Joshua Harris



Monday, November 23, 2009


I just got back from doing some work for this guy I know and
he is not a Christian and he has been grilling so to speak so im
asking my Christian Brothers and Sisters to pray for me that I
will be a witness and that ill Stand strong for Jesus.

Signed A Brother in Christ



Lydia said...

hi, thanks for commenting on my blog and I'm really excited about what my sister and I are going to do with our new one!
I saw your little note on one of your posts about mispelling stuff. I'm a horrible speller as well but my dad is a phd pastor and bad spelling drives him nuts so I use my Microsoft Word and type everything there then spell check it before I post anything. It has really helped me. I've made it a habit to check anything I'm not sure about with Spell check or a dictionary.
I will pray that God would help you be a witness. I know it can be hard to speak boldly. It's good to meet those who want to do God's will and are trying to serve Him.
To God be the Glory, a sister in Christ,

Southern Maiden said...

Yes, I'll pray for ya. I know how it is, with fear and uncertainty - my friend that I ride horses with is not saved. Lord willing, she will be open in her heart every time I speak the truth to her. Not that you're scared of being rejected, but rather the fear of Christ within you being rejected right? It's all we can do but pray.

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